AK School, established in 2007, throughout its 11-year history has delivered consistently high academic standards in both CBSE , and strives to combine traditional values with a modern, global approach to life and learning. Our Students are encouraged to be independent in their learning and approach to life. Throughout the year, the school provides a healthy balance of rigorous academic teaching with a wide range of sporting, co-curricular and academic activities including sporting, theatrical and musical opportunities. Our aim is to produce mature, confident young adults, who are both self-motivated and socially responsible. We are aware that our students will be competing in an international market both at university and in the world of work. A student will have the opportunities to develop the necessary skills and acumen to excel and succeed in life. Each year, our teachers challenge the students in the classroom, for them to think critically about the world around them, allowing them to evaluate what they learn in the classroom with a global lens. To augment the classroom experiences, teachers collaborate across the disciplines to connect lessons with one another through experiential learning events. Beyond the classroom, students are encouraged to get involved with extracurricular activities, including clubs, athletics, and fine and performing arts.